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C610 DM – Medical Imaging


Fast performing  Prints the first colour page in just 9 seconds and races through the rest at speeds of up 34ppm in colour and 36ppm in mono

Unrivalled media flexibility  Print on A6 to A4 through to a 1.2-metre banner up to 250gsm.

Energy-efficient  Thanks to an advanced processor and efficient design, the C610 DM consumes less energy than similar printers using as little as 1.2 watts once in ‘sleep’ mode.


A first in medical imaging and printing The C610 DM is a first in digital printer technology, combining the cost effectiveness and high quality output of an LED printer with embedded DICOM software, allowing you to print directly from medical equipment without the use of conversion software or external hardware.   From nuclear medicine (2D Scintigraphy and  3D SPECT tomography) to ultrasounds, medical images can now be easily printed for your own non-diagnostic use or for your patients and clients to take away with them.   Reduce your costs and improve your printing The cost of printing your medical images in High Definition mono or colour with the C610 DM is significantly lower compared with traditional DICOM printing technologies, delivering cost savings to your bottom line whilst improving patient and client satisfaction.   One device for all your printing needs Talking directly with your medical imaging equipment, the C610 DM can print high quality non-diagnostic images on a wide range of media. Additionally the C610 DM can fulfil your day to day standard A4 office printing needs from patient letters and forms to medical reports, allowing you to choose one machine that answers all the needs of your organisation, cutting down on the number of devices and consumables used.   Tried and tested technology Based on our existing, award winning printers, the C610 DM offers the same reliability, ease of use, low total cost of ownership, media flexibility and high quality output, with the additional benefit of embedded DICOM technology. Through system integration, the use of energy efficient equipment, standard printer consumables and a three year on-site warranty, the range offers considerable savings for your day-to-day printing needs.

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